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the election. i've got the political upper hand here. i need more than where we were in 2011 because we had a whole election in 2012 focused on almost exactly this issue. the white house thinks they have the political upper hand here. this response is boehner saying, not so fast, mr. president. >> in terms of -- i know you don't have details on the medicare. are there any details on where the revenue comes from? in terms of exemptions and loopholes? do we know if all the exemptions and loopholes are taken off the table? for example, if mortgage and charity is still there? >> we just have detail describing this as revenue through tax reform. presumably there would be some changes to the revenue code that would get you the $600 billion -- i'm sorry, $800 billion in additional revenue the speaker is talking about here. where he gets that from, we'll have to get that answer from the speaker's office. you can imagine right now their phone lines are scrammed and operators are not standing by. >> thanks. you have to start somewhere. >> let's get reaction. s & p capital, jeff cox at cnbc headquarte
, the profitability, the stock price and all that. an elected official has to let his or her constituency know that they're on the case and can only do that publicly. going behind closed doors doesn't show them they're making the case their constituents want to have made. >> you're probably better off negotiating a deal, coming out with strong terms, and taking it to the board. in this case, it would be like the party kau scaucuses. then selling it to your shareholders, in this case the electorate. i think you're better off coming out with a firm deal first. all the specifics get consumed by politics and egos and messaging. the substance gets lost. >> but the problem is, you know -- i don't know. i have a problem, you know, comparing this to an mna transaction. this is a deal that needs to happen for the economy to move forward. yeah, maybe an mna transaction giv gives growth to one company and makes profitability better. this is a lot more important than doing an mna transaction. this is about people's lives. frankly, people want answers. i think the time for hiding everything under a rock is
in real estate. >> we all know it was a very hotly contested presidential election, and of course your dad, donald, has been on our program a lot. he was a big supporter of romney. there were stories going around that you said, dad, pull it back a bit. you don't have to be so negative on the president. is that what happened? >> it was fascinating because this was a widely circulated report that was without fact at all, and not one reporter actually called and asked the question you just did, which is, is that true? no, it wasn't. my father has been a very important part of the dialogue. he's been saying a lot of things that other people, you know, not wanting to be in a space where they're talking about politics, they don't see it as advantageous. they're not really speaking their minds. it would not be my place to tell him to tone anything down. >> are you worried about the fiscal cliff? how is business going? you're an entrepreneur in your own right. i want to talk to you about business, but how you preparing for the cliff? >> well, there's no way one can be preparing. you have to be thi
sectors doing far better than where they were on election. >> that's true. you know what? we've been so focused on the fiscal cliff, we haven't thought about the jobs number coming out tomorrow. what do you expect? >> i expect it to be nothing that's going to
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4